AC Milan CEO says no need to sell Leao, Theo, or Maignan

AC Milan CEO Giorgio Furlani said the club ‘do not need to sell’ stars like Rafael Leao, Mike Maignan, and Theo Hernandez.

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No need to sell Leao, Theo, or Maignan

In an interview with DAZN on Monday, the Rosoneri boss was asked regarding the transfer speculations.

Furlani assured that Leao, Maignan, and Theo are all ‘happy to remain’ with Milan.

“We do not need to sell anyone to cover losses,” said Furlani.

“Being a club running at a profit, we have the possibility to invest from the start. Leao, Maignan, and Theo Hernandez are happy to remain at Milan and they have long contracts.”

Leao, 24, only recently signed his deal until June 2028.

Theo’s contract will expire in June 2026, and the 26-year-old left-back is not interested in moving on.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Maignan is likely to consider a transfer since there is a reported significant gap between his wage demands and the offered salary.

The goalkeeper’s contract will also end in June 2026.

“The philosophy is to improve the squad”

Nonetheless, Furlani will focus on making meaningful moves that will boost Milan’s lineup.

“We were not timid on the transfer market last season and we won’t be this year either,” he said.

“There’s no point signing players just for the sake of it and putting the club’s finances in danger. We must continue improving the team and making buys that aren’t just to hit the headlines, but who are useful.

“The philosophy is to improve the squad, as last season we made a lot of changes, whereas this summer it will be more targeted, because the foundations are in place.”