Robinho to serve nine-year rape sentence in Brazil

Former AC Milan star Robinho began his nine-year prison sentence in Brazil to uphold the Italian court’s rape conviction.

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Robinho to serve his nine-year sentence

The Brazilian Superior Court of Justice voted 9-2 to validate the rape conviction.

Robinho, 40, received his sentence in Italy to nine years in prison for his part in a group sexual assault in 2013.

He was playing for AC Milan during the time of the crime.

In addition, Brazil does not extradite nationals, which led Italy to seek imprisonment in his home nation.

Robinho’s lawyer, José Eduardo Rangel de Alckim, said he will appeal the decision to Brazil’s Supreme Court.

“Robinho is available and willing to appear anytime before the judges. If an officer gets there, he will comply. He will not oppose,” Alckim said.

“Our first concern is to suspend the immediate arrest order. We will ask for the sentence to be executed after the appeal decision has been made.”

Francisco Falcão, one of the judges who took part in the voting, said Robinho should serve his sentence in Brazil.

“There’s no obstacle to validate the execution of his sentence. It was confirmed by a court in Milan, which is the competent authority in this case,” Falcão said. “The conviction is final. The defendant was not put on trial in absence in Italy, he had representation.”

Robinho’s rape charges

The former footballer relinquished his passport to Brazilian authorities in March 2023.

Until now, Robinho insisted that he did not commit the said crime.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester City star said racism played a huge part in his conviction in Italy.

“I played only four years in Italy and I got tired of seeing stories of racism. Unfortunately, that exists to this day. (The rape case) was in 2013, and now we are in 2024. The same people who don’t do anything against it (racism) are the ones who sentenced me,” Robinho said.

However, this isn’t the first rape accusation that Robinho faced.

During his stint with Man City, the Brazilian was accused of sexual assault during a night out in Leeds.

Police did not press any charges.

Rise and fall in Santos

Robinho began his career in 2002 with Brazilian club Santos, where he led the team to its first national title since the Pele era.

He played 137 matches for Real Madrid, 53 for Man City, and 144 for AC Milan.

The forward then rejoined Santos in 2020.

However, the club tore up the contract due to pressure from fans and sponsors.